Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Great day eating wise all day...  until the dreaded first dinner out!  Did okay for not being able to choose my dinner (it was a sit down - served retirement dinner).  Went overboard with the bread though.  I was starving and fresh bread with butter is a real downfall of mine.  Note to self - keep bread baskets off the table in the future (or at least away from me).  Cleaned my plate (chicken some kind of cream based sauce), 4 small - very delicious roasted potatoes and mixed veggies.  There were also 2 buns with butter (one before and one with dinner).  Desert was a small piece of cake with vanilla ice cream.  

Not the best choices during dinner - but that's life (especially during the holidays).  Small indulgences which may lead to a slower weight loss.  I'm going to dust myself off and start fresh again tomorrow.  No more all or nothing attitude for me!  I will do this - once and for all!!!

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