Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Is it all in my head?

So...  I've been following the WW program for 2 days now.  2.  And I'm soooooo hungry all the time!  Why is it that when I decide to get on track, I feel so hungry?  Is it that I'm constantly thinking of food - and the hunger follows?  All I know is that it's annoying!  The physical burning and churning of my stomach - sucks!

I am determined though.  I will do this once and for all!  

On a positive note - went to Zumba last night.  What a blast!  The instructor actually turned the lights off and had a disco ball going.  It was wonderful to get my groove on and not be seen by anyone around me (let alone see myself in the full length mirrors that cover the walls!)  Will have to get some friends to join me :)

Two full days on program!  Yay me!!!

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